Paraduş is an organization that constantly renews itself in the field of shower cabinets, always cares more about customer satisfaction, and develops itself with an effort to provide service. Aiming to be a pioneer in the field of shower cabinets, we take care to end every work we do with great care, by loving our job and desiring to grow more and more each passing day. Making our customers happy with the innovations we will add to our customers' bathroom area is the most important principle of our company.


As a mission, our first mission is to provide the best service in the fields we work in and to give importance to customer satisfaction while performing them. To increase our sales without sacrificing quality, to be an exemplary organization by perpetuating development and improvement activities.


Our vision, on the other hand, is to carry our company, which has been trained with the selection of our colleagues and the foundations of which has been laid, to better and always forward, inspired by our past achievements, and to maintain our existence as an exemplary and leading organization in the sector we are in in our contemporary Turkey.